Barnabas Szaszi

I lead the work of the Behavioral Science lab and the Behavioral Science Center for Good. My primary goal is to support vulnerable individuals and groups (families,  the poor and the sad) using behavioral and data science. 

I have obtained a dual degree in psychology and economics and finished my Ph.D. in experimental psychology in 2018.  Since then, my work as a lead author appeared in top psychology and social science journals such as Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Nature Human Behaviour, Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, and eLife. I have won 13 scholarships and awards including the scholarship of the Hungarian Central Bank, the National Excellence Program, Bolyai, Campus Mundi, Eötvös, Rosztóczy, Fulbright (2x), and the Promising Researcher and the Rosak Tamas award. I was a visiting student researcher at Columbia University and I'm an incoming Fulbright scholar at Harvard Business School for the academic year 2023/24.

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Péter Szécsi

I am a PhD student with a planned defence in 2024. My current research centres on the detrimental effects of financial scarcity-related cues on the cognitive functioning of individuals living in poverty. By examining this relationship, I aim to identify and develop strategies to support those in impoverished communities and help them break free from the cycle of poverty. In addition to my poverty-related research, I am strongly interested in meta-analytic methods and exploring the generalizability of established effects.

When I'm not conducting research, I enjoy engaging in a variety of hobbies. Role-playing games provide an outlet for me to explore new worlds and challenge myself creatively. I am also an avid biker and nature enthusiast. 

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Lívia Kósa

I'm a Ph.D. student currently researching inequality perception, and its impact on distributive preferences. I also teach Political Science at Rajk College for Advanced Studies and participate in the management of a large-scale metascience project. Throughout my academic and professional career, I have explored various fields of social sciences. I hold an MA degree in Political Science from the Central European University. During my studies, I was a member of Rajk College, a self-governed student community, where I took courses in social sciences, philosophy, economy, and methodology, and actively participated in a range of extracurricular activities. Before beginning my doctoral studies, I worked as a political analyst at a think tank, where I conducted research on numerous topics related to Hungarian politics, including an in-depth study on political polarization. In my free time, I enjoy photography, hiking, astronomy, cooking, and watching documentaries. I have even created two short documentaries about social issues in rural Hungary. 

Harry Clelland

I am currently a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at ELTE, working on a number of exciting projects in Behavioural Science and Metascience. In 2022 I was awarded my PhD in Psychology at Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK. My PhD research applied the principles of experimental pragmatics to understand ambiguities in health communication. Across many open science experiments, the primary goal of the project was to operationalise speech about human health to achieve a more fine-grained understanding of psycholinguistic theory. Since then, I have begun my work as an early career researcher with the Behavioural Science Lab and the Metascience Lab at ELTE, working closely with the brilliant Barnabás Szászi and Balázs Aczél. My objectives are three-fold: (1) do some real-world good, (2) improve the credibility of psychological research, and (3) meet some wonderful people along the way. 

Pál Kolumban

From an early age, I have relished being the center of attention and captivating my social circles with engaging stories. This fascination with folk storytelling has been a driving force behind my relentless pursuit of skill improvement. In recognition of my dedication, I was honored with a national first prize in 2016 in storytelling. As a Psychology student, my ultimate aim is to employ my acquired skills and knowledge to foster a positive impact on society, while community engagement would form an integral part of my endeavors. My particular interest lies in the realm of health psychology, behavior change, and providing support for vulnerable populations. Consequently, my academic focus centers on evaluating the efficacy of evidence-based interventions designed to promote healthy behaviors and enhance overall well-being. Beyond my scholarly pursuits, I harbor a profound passion for gastronomy and indulge in various outdoor recreational activities, including nature walks, canoeing, and cycling.

Fruzsina Venczel

I am a BSc student at ELTE and I started working as a research assistant at the lab in 2023. It might be considered a cliche but my aim is to make a difference in the lives of people in need. Those, not seen on the street, are not typically talked about, but in such distressing situations that they see no way out.

Outside of my academic work and studies, I love partaking in various forms of art. I have published one poem, and I keep relentlessly writing them, I also like painting, but just for my own entertainment. 

Marton Kolozsvari

I am a graduate student of psychology at ELTE, mainly focusing on social and intercultural psychology. My long term goal is to specialize in the field of media psychology, researching how different mediums and their contents affect people, and using its potential for the betterment of society. Due to this I have always been interested in how behavior is- and can be influenced, which is one of the main reasons why I joined the ELTE Behavioral Science Lab as a research assistant. The experience and skills I gain as part of this multifaceted team complements my studies in ways that allow me to learn about the intricacies of the mind using multiple approaches and different tools. When I’m not working in the lab or studying for my classes I learn languages, train myself in game design, creative storytelling or even acting occasionally. And of course I also play some games in my down time to let off some steam, often with friends in the form of different tabletop RPGs, a genre that I find immensely intriguing both from an academic point of view and as a player.


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