What do we do? 

We conduct large-scale behavioral science studies to improve the daily decisions, behavior, and experience of vulnerable individuals (e.g., the well-being of citizens / educational performance of poor children / involvement of fathers in families). We also publish papers and have fun.   


the BS Lab


 Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary


When we are in work-mode

Values and Principles 

Good science comes with friends.

'Show me' not 'trust me'. 

 Work hard, play hard, rest easy. 

Anyone can have a good idea.

Collaborative research to maximize social impact

Do research for the benefit of all.

Christmas party together with the beloved Metascience lab

Cheerful face while receiving an award

LabRetreat 2022 Fall

One and a half happy face after dinner

Contact us

We are always happy to help whether you are from academia, government, industry, or media. Contact us at szaszi.barnabas@ppk.elte.hu